Sales Executive Tool

In business, sales tracking measures sales person and his performance, It also helps to track the sales/revenue but a sales executive with tracking device make more growth, tracking tool not only tracks executive performance but also helps business in real-time analysis. Check out our featured product.

  • Lead Management

    PaperByte gives you the ability to reach millions, probably billions of users with just a few clicks. With the assistance of this brilliantly working software, you can even improve your hiring efficiency with the computerization, increase your online visibility, and boost communication time & productivity with round the clock assistance. Moreover, you can also access the recruitment software at any hour you want, and this freedom can literally improve your efficiency.

  • Sales Forecasting

    Make an estimate of your total income and allocate suitable targets to your team members, making the use of key details such as deals in the pipeline, targets achieved throughout the last financial year, and individuals or the entire teams, which are trying hard to achieve their assigned goals.

  • Custom, Sales Pitches

    PaperByte believes in dreams because our team of experts is capable of fulfilling that. We constantly look for new opportunities on the web and strive hard to make the most of those. our skilled professionals give their best to make you save your time and money together with 24/7 interaction with customers, you can easily manage payment policies, avail the discounts, and do promotions and supplements.

  • Orders and invoices

    This GPS tool is specifically used to improve your productivity, creating future plans with time management, time tracking for the punctuality and attendance of the employees. With the help of this service, you will actually be able to know how much distance is traveled by each employee. Moreover, you will also get access to robotically keep a track and collect all the details, keeping aside all the paperwork with no wastage of available resources.

  • Customer Insight

    Customer insight is an explanation of developments in human behaviors. This intends to improve the efficiency of a product or service for the consumer, as well as increase sales for the fiscal advantage of those provisioning the goods or services.

  • Email Open Tracking

    PaperByte gives you a perfect tool to send bulk messages to a large number of people. These messages are generally sent as a text to their mobile or as an email, in a way that the viewer gets attracted towards that. These notifications can easily be forwarded without any hassle. It is important that the software should be capable of targeting specific groups.

  • ROI Based Reports

    Return on Investment (ROI) is a performance calculation that is used to assess the competence of an investment or match up the productivity of various different investments. For measuring the ROI, the advantage of investment is alienated by the rate of the investment. You can get the best assistance at PaperByte for the same.